Coding Hello Word in Javascript, C, C #, Bash, and PHP

For all these people who enter the world of programming or have primary contact with it, our first nice achievement is to print a « Howdy World! “Or” Howdy World! »On our show.

This may be outlined because the first program of any developer and we even proceed to make use of it because the preliminary check of any new mission.

Nevertheless, the historical past or the rationale for the origin of the well-known “Howdy World” is considerably unsure, we will say that its first invocation dates again to the ’70s the place Brian Kernighan, writer of one of the vital well-known programming books of historical past: C Progamming Language (1978) and beforehand, in 1973 a guide known as A Tutorial Introduction to the Programming Language B, first launched the instance of the well-known “Howdy World”.

In an interview with Kernighan, he commented that he didn’t bear in mind precisely why I used that phrase, however he commented “I bear in mind seeing a cartoon sequence starring an egg and a rooster through which the hen talked about” What’s up World “often”.

The “What’s up World” or “What’s up World” program is taken under consideration solely in nearly all programming languages. It is normally used to level out the syntax of a programming language in a easy occasion and to introduce programmers to that language.

On this article, we’ll see this program for example in quite a few programming languages.


JavaScript is a programming language that is used primarily inside internet browsers. This language would not require compilation because it’s executed on the client-side, benefiting from this major occasion we’ll confirm its operation, for this, we’ll create a doc using any textual content material editor, similar to notepad, throughout which we’ll create a doc known as check out.html and we’ll add the subsequent code.

<script kind = "textual content / javascript">
doc.write ('Howdy World!');

Then we are going to open this doc in our browser and we are going to get our well-known “Howdy World” printed on its display screen.


It’s a pc program, whose operate is to interpret instructions, and a console language, it’s suitable with sh that executes instructions learn from customary enter or from a file.


#! / bin / sh
echo "Howdy World !!"

The C language is a high-level programming language, very best for creating firmware or moveable functions. C was developed for the UNIX working system (OS) within the early Nineteen Seventies. That is an instance in C:
#embrace <stdio.h>
 essential ()
 printf ("Howdy World !!");


C # is object-oriented and designed to create numerous enterprise functions that run on. NET. This language is predicated on C ++ and incorporates Java-like options. That is what a “hiya world” seems to be like in C #:


utilizing System;
 class Program
 public static void Major (string [] args)
 Console.WriteLine ("Howdy World!");


PHP is a server-side scripting language, designed primarily for internet improvement, it is without doubt one of the most used languages ​​on the net right this moment, that is the best way to do a “hiya world” in PHP:


<? php
 echo 'Howdy World!';


Python is without doubt one of the most used languages ​​for programming right this moment, it’s easy, quick and has a greater than clear syntax. Making a hiya world in python isn’t tough in any respect, let’s examine:

In Python 2.x:
print “Howdy World”

In Python 3.x:
print (“Howdy World”);


How might it’s in any other case, we have now additionally included one of many trendy programming languages ​​which are having the best adoption by builders.

The very first thing we’re going to do is begin the IRB (interactive ruby).

In macOS open a Terminal and kind IRB and press enter.

For Linux, open a Terminal and kind IRB, hit enter.

If you’re utilizing Home windows, open IRB from the beginning menu.

Write this in IRB:
places “Hola Mundo”


As we have now seen on this event, there’s a primary program which we execute from the primary day we start to program and till we’re in a sophisticated state because it helps to confirm our construction and syntax.

It’s the first improvement of all those that are intrigued by programming or begin a course about it, that is characterised by its simplicity.

As we speak we have now realized its syntax in several languages ​​and test it. So if we didn’t have any data in improvement, lets say that we have now managed to write down or program our first program.

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